inup infrared radiator Frameless Square, Set Solo

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A composition of infrared heaters Frameless square in a single set with touch panel control of the straight-edged square line.

Increase your well-being with inup® sun-like and ideally balanced infrared deep heat rays.

• Frameless design
• Straight edged glass-ceramic
• Screwless spring mounted assembly
• Eye-friendly light transmission
• Sun-like infrared thermal radiation
• ABC full spectrum (a 23% b 57% c 20%)
• 10,000 hour life expectancy
• Narrow and space-saving black body

Control inup Touch Panel Frameless Square:
Consists of the Touch Panel Frameless control element for convenient operation inside the sauna and a power unit for placement outside the sauna, with a 5m connecting cable in between.

2 control zones each 2300 watts, with total. max. 3600 watts and slots for max. 4x IR radiators, per control zone max. 2x IR radiators. Time selection from 30 to 1 minute and infrared intensity control from 100 to 0%.

Dimensions infrared heater:
Dimensions (HWD): 750 x 180 x 42mm (350, 500, 750W)
Maße (HBT): 750 x 180 x 68 mm (1300W)
Installation opening (HB): 715 x 148 mm

Dimensions control:
Touch panel outside (HWD): 150 x 85 x 25 mm
Touch panel cutout (HBT): 110 x 81 x 30 mm
Dimensions Cargo part (HBT): 180 x 135 x 90 mm

Technical data IR radiator:
Infrared ABC full spectrum (a 23% b 57% c 20%)
inup High Performance Industrial Glass Ceramic
Wall spotlight power: 350, 500, 750 watts
Ceiling spotlight power: 1300 watts
Light transmission 150 lumens
Connection: 230V 1N AC 50Hz
connecting cable: 3m, 3x1,5mm
Silicone coated without plug
Water protection class IPx4

Technical data control:
Two-part phase control
Total power: max. 3600 watts
2 separate control zones each up to 2300 watts
Intensity control from 100 to 50%
Time control from 0 to 30 minutes
a total of 4 slots for IR emitters
2 slots per control zone
Plug connection cable approx. 5m
Connection: 230V 1N AC 50Hz
Water protection class IPx4
Weight: approx. 1.0 kg

Scope of delivery set single:
1× infrared radiator Frameless Square
1x Touch Panel Square
1x power unit for 3600 watts
1x technical assembly instructions