inup remote control LED colored light Basic

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Efficient color light radio control in up "LED RGB Color Light Basic" with simple and resilient functions. The device is equipped with a remote control and a color control part.

✓ Individual colors can be selected with the color circle touch ✓ Color scenes series connection in the circuit ✓ Color scenes, speed control ✓ Brightness dimming ✓ On/off switching

Technical specifications - remote control:
Dimensions (LWH): 104 × 58 × 9 mm
Working temperature: -30°C / +55°C
Operating voltage: 3V (CR2032 battery)
Working frequency: 433.92MHz
Weight: 42g

Technical specifications - color control part:
Dimensions (LWH): 35 × 30 × 20 mm
Working temperature: -30°C / +55°C
Stromeingang: 12V DC, 3A×3CH max. 9a
Output power: 0~72W ×3CH
Working Temperature: -30℃ / +55℃
Remote distance up to max. 30 m
Weight: 47g

Scope of delivery:
1x remote control LED RGB colored light basic
1x color control unit LED RGB colored light basic
1x wall bracket for remote control
1x technical guide

Technical documents

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