inup sauna LED light tube ProfiTube, Set Quartet +125°C

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A harmonious interplay of the new sauna LED lighting "ProfiTube, Set Quartet", inspired by modern trends and craftsmanship.

With skilful 360° light alignment, style and knowledge of the sauna light ambience tradition are reinterpreted here.

A lasting, relaxing warm-white light with 2700 Kelvin, overwhelmingly impressive LED brilliance and heat resistance up to +125 °C, with water protection class IP54.

Ideal indirect lighting for the sauna bench and shadow gaps in the sauna ceiling.

Technical specifications:
✓ Polycarbonat-Glas-Lichtrohr Ø12 mm
✓ Arbitrarily pivotable light alignment
✓ Suitable for Finnish and wet saunas
✓ Temperature resistance from -20°C to +125°C
✓ Fixed lengths: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 cm
✓ Built-in 4m silicone connection cable 2x0.25mm
✓ Simply push length extensions together
✓ Sauna warm white LED color 2700 Kelvin
✓ Strong and bright color rendering
✓ Splashproof class IP54
✓ Energy efficient class A+++

External dimensions, voltage 12V DC, nominal power:
530 mm x Ø12 mm - 3,0 Watt, 375 Lumen
630 mm x Ø12 mm - 3,6 Watt, 450 Lumen
730 mm x Ø12 mm - 4,2 Watt, 525 Lumen
830 mm x Ø12 mm - 4,8 Watt, 600 Lumen
930 mm x Ø12 mm - 5,4 Watt, 675 Lumen
1030 mm x Ø12 mm - 6,0 Watt, 750 Lumen
1130 mm x Ø12 mm - 6,6 Watt, 825 Lumen
1230 mm x Ø12 mm - 7,2 Watt, 900 Lumen

Fast and easy assembly
High inup® quality standard
Design & manufacture in Germany

scope of delivery:
4x inup LED Lichtrohr ProfiTube
8x brackets
1x connector max. 4 inputs / 1 output
1x intermediate line 2x0.25mm
1x inup LED power supply
1x assembly instructions

Technical documents

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