inup remote control LED light dimmer Premium Q

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The high-quality remote control inup «LED Light Dimmer Premium» of the Q series is a 4-zone control with circular touch dimming as well as slider touch dimming. The brightness is shown by color indicators.

Remote control Q series is only fully functional in synchronous connection with the inup «Zone Module Premium Q».

To control several independent light zones, one "Zone Module Premium Q" (SKU: FS-LM-Q) is required for each light zone.

Equally, of course, only one “Premium Q zone module” can be used for parallel switching of all light zones.

Description of the function:
✓ All off / All on 
✓ Lamp indicator light
✓ Circle touch dimming
✓ Slider-Touch-Dimmung
✓ Brightness keys 25, 50, 75, 100%
✓ Save and play 4 scene buttons
✓ 4 zones individually on and off buttons

Technical specifications:
4 light zone control
Programmable features
Working temperature: -20 °C/ +55 °C
Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
Dimensions (LWH): 166 × 47 × 22 mm
Working frequency: RF 2.4GHz
Remote distance max 20m
Weight: 85g

Scope of delivery:
1x remote control light dimmer Premium Q
1x wall mount
1x technical guide

Technical documents

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