Shopping & Express Checkout

Save items in shopping bag for later?

When an order is complete but not ready to be placed, a shopping bag containing the desired items can be saved for later use.

If you want to save an article or a shopping cart for a later date, you would have to register as a customer on the inup online store, with your email address and name.

Billing or desired payment information does not have to be entered and is only required when completing the purchase.

Is my online transaction safe?

The inup Online Store uses encryption standards customary in the industry to ensure the confidentiality of data when orders are placed. We protect order data and payment information in transit with 128-bit EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer) encryption. When using SSL technology, the web address begins with "https://" instead of "http://" to indicate that the data is encrypted in transit. Some browsers display "inup GmbH" in the URL field when completing the order with EV SSL to confirm that a transaction is being carried out with inup.

What is Express Checkout?

The Express Checkout allows you to order inup products and services quickly and easily without having to fill out tedious forms.

This feature is becoming increasingly popular when shopping online as many of our customers want to make their purchases in just a few clicks.

The following payment methods are available for inup Express Checkout:
• Google Pay
• Apple Pay
• PayPal

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