Payment & VAT

Payment methods?

inup offers a range of payment options. As soon as a payment has been received, we will send an email notification. Below is more information about each payment method.

• Credit card
• Klarna invoice
• Google Pay
• Apple Pay
• PayPal

VAT & Invoice?

Where can I enter my VAT number?
If you are buying for a company, you can use your VAT number. enter when choosing the payment method and checking the order. Make sure that the VAT number is entered correctly as it is stated on the invoice.

What VAT rate applies to orders?
For purchases in the inup store, VAT is charged at the rate applicable in the customer's country. Intra-community purchases are not possible in the inup Store.

Refund of VAT on exports?
Customers who bought inup products in Germany and had them delivered to an address in Germany can receive a VAT refund on exports of inup products. The following conditions apply to such reimbursement:

  1. Die Waren wurden nicht für geschäftliche Zwecke erworben.
  2. Die Waren müssen mit dem persönlichen Gepäck des Kunden exportiert werden.
  3. Die Waren dürfen nicht später als nach Ablauf des dritten Monats nach dem Monat exportiert werden, in dem sie gekauft wurden.
  4. Ein Nachweis des Exports muss beim Zoll einbehalten und bestätigt werden.
  5. Der Kunde muss seinen ständigen Wohnsitz in einem Nicht-EU-Land haben und dies mit einem gültigen Nachweis belegen (z. B. Stromrechnung, ein laufender Leasingvertrag, ein gültiger Arbeitsvertrag oder eine aktuelle Bescheinigung der Schule oder Universität, eine Bescheinigung einer Botschaft).

I did not receive an invoice with my order. What could be the reason for this?
After an order has been dispatched, inup will send an official invoice by e-mail. Anyone who has not received an invoice or needs a copy of the invoice for their records can print it out via our online customer service or request it from us via service contact.

Why have I received multiple invoices?
If an order is not shipped at the same time, we will invoice each shipment (and the item(s) it contains) separately.

How long will it take to process my refund?

Depending on the payment method chosen, it may take up to 7 business days for a refund to post to the customer's account after Apple has processed it.

Credit cards will only be charged after the order has been dispatched. In the event of cancellation before dispatch, the amount reserved on the card will be released by the credit card company or the card-issuing bank within 3 days.

If an order has already been dispatched and you wish to return the items for a refund, please click here for more information.

Is my personal data protected?

The security measures of the inup store servers are strictly monitored to prevent any access to customers' personal data and the use of credit card numbers by unauthorized persons and to ensure the confidentiality of all personal information.