inup infrared radiator & sun relaxer EdelSpa XL Gray

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Optimize your lifetime, simply regenerate your body, muscles and joints while showering and get valuable vitamin D.

The deep heat full spectrum infrared (ABC) provides relief from muscle pain and tension and increases blood circulation.

The gentle UV sunlight activates natural production of vitamin D, which activates over a hundred genes in over thirty organs and tissues in the human body to boost the immune system and improve mental health.

Caution with UV radiation!
inup only uses UV lamps that are gentle on the skin: UV protection class type III of UV‑A & UV‑B with max. 0.15 watts per m². The scope of delivery includes 2 x eye protection UV glasses.

Technical highlights:
Simultaneous or individual switching of infrared and UV sunlight.


Front color Grade
Montageart recessed mounting
Suitable for have a shower
steam baths
8 minutes IR light 
8 minutes UV light 
+/- time adjustment
Individual or group switching
external dimension
installation dimension
Height / Width / Depth:
1850 x 397 x 156 mm
1828 x 376 x 165 mm
power  2060 Watt
IR lamps
1500 Watt (2 x 750 Watt)
ABC full spectrum infrared waves
"A"-23% "B"-57% "C"-20%
UV lamps
560 Watt (4 x 140 Watt)
Typ III, UV-A & UV-B max. 0,15 Watt /m²
230V AC, 50 Hz, 16 A
water protection IPX5 - Protection against water jets
Weight here. 42 kg