inup remote control LED colored light Premium Q


The remote control inup "LED Color Light Premium" of the Q series is a 4-zone control of the independent light control with color touch circle for individual color selection and slider touch dimming for brightness adjustment. Color and brightness are shown by color indicators.

Remote control Q series is only fully functional in synchronous connection with the inup «Zone Module Premium Q».

To control several independent light zones, one "Zone Module Premium Q" (SKU: FS-LM-Q) is required for each light zone.

Equally, of course, only one “Premium Q zone module” can be used for parallel switching of all light zones.

Description of the function:
✓ Mode button for color scene change
✓ Mode button for color scene speed
✓ 12 pre-programmed color scenes 
✓ Color touch circle for single color selection 
✓ Brightness touch slider for light dimming
✓ 3 buttons for color scenes save & play
✓ 4 zones individually on and off buttons

Technical specifications:
Programmable features
4 light zone control
Working temperature: -20 °C/ +55 °C
Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
Dimensions (LWH): 166 × 47 × 22 mm
Working frequency: RF 2.4GHz
Remote distance max 20m
Weight: 85g

Scope of delivery:
1x remote control colored light Premium Q
1x wall mount
1x technical guide

Technical documents

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