inup infrared radiator Control Touch Panel Frameless Round


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This luxury class electronic controller is designed for residential and commercial applications and can be flush mounted.

Exclusive control panel with front touch panel, screwless spring assembly and separate power section. 

The inup® Touch Panel Frameless control panel can be attached inside the sauna cabin for convenient operation of your infrared heaters and is connected to the PowerBox power unit via a 5m connection cable. The PowerBox would have to be placed outside the sauna cabin.

Simple operation, with two separate control zones, each with an output of 2,300 watts, but with a total output of 3,600 watts and four slots for the IR radiators. Each control zone has two slots for IR emitters that can be used for separate intensity control from 100 to 0% and on/off. The time regulation from 0 to 30 minutes applies to all control zones.

Dimensions control:
Touch panel outside (HWD): 150 x 85 x 25 mm
Touch panel cutout (HBT): 110 x 81 x 30 mm
Dimensions Cargo part (HBT): 180 x 135 x 90 mm

Technical specifications:
Two-part phase control
Total power: max. 3600 watts
2 separate control zones each up to 2300 watts
Intensity control from 100 to 50%
Time control from 0 to 30 minutes
a total of 4 slots for IR emitters
2 slots per control zone
Plug connection cable approx. 5m
Connection: 230V 1N AC 50Hz
Water protection class IPx4
Weight: approx. 1.0 kg

scope of delivery:
1x Touch Panel Square
1x last part PowerBox for 3600 watts
1x technical assembly instructions